Engineering at Coopers Fire

Coopers Fire have an in-house engineering team that have the capability to innovate and create solutions for bespoke and large complex projects for both the UK and worldwide markets. The engineering team are able to support customers through a project that require non-standard products or adaptations to products for a specific requirement.

The Coopers Fire engineering team are able to provide supporting documentation and digital models to ensure the product is fit for purpose before manufacture.
Research and development is also a major function of the engineering team and ensures Coopers Fire continue in leading the way in fire protection and innovation in the smoke and fire curtain industry.


The Coopers Fire company video is a celebration of our business and the people within it, we are extremely proud to be part of the fire industry, and leading innovation in smoke and fire curtain products.

Coopers Fire prides itself on being different from our competitors, with our unique, vertically integrated supply chain, we can guarantee the provenance of all of our materials, ensuring the products we sell to our customers are exactly the same as the ones which were tested.

The video was shot at our new purpose built facility in Waterlooville, United Kingdom, where we manufacture all of our fully tested fire protection products.


Coopers Connect uses state of the art technology to remotely monitor and control the full range of fire and smoke curtains manufactured by Coopers Fire. With Coopers Connect installed, it is programmed to work with the Coopers Fire web portal allowing for secure access to status data and interact with the fire or smoke curtain control panel.

Coopers Connect can be used anywhere in the world through the global GSM/GPRS network that supplies data to the secure Coopers Fire web portal.

Coopers Fire ResQ-Window™ Vision Panel for Fire Curtains

ResQ-Window™ is a patented translucent fire proof flexible material that can be installed into a Coopers Fire fire curtain allowing building occupants and first responders to see through the curtain after it has been deployed.

ResQ-Window™ can withstand temperatures in excess of 1000oC with 2 hours integrity (E120).

FireMaster Cleanroom Fire Curtain

The FireMaster Cleanroom is fire resistant for 2 hours and certified as suitable for use in cleanrooms fulfilling the specifications of Air Cleanliness Class 6, according to ISO 14644-1.

The FireMaster Cleanroom is manufactured from 316L grade stainless steel suitable for use in a cleanroom environment. The FireMaster Cleanroom features a stainless steel curtain that does not release particles in operation and features side guides that can be manually opened and closed for cleaning.

Cleanrooms can be very large and entire manufacturing facilities can be contained within a cleanroom with factory floors covering thousands of square meters that are very sensitive to environmental contamination but still require fire compartmentation.

8 FireMaster Concertinas were skilfully installed at Paya Lebar Quarter by Innivate based in Singapore. Coopers Fire and Innivate are proud to have manufactured and installed the largest Concertina fire curtain to date at 31 metres long. The fire curtains were placed over escalator well throughout the mixed use building, providing 4 hours fire resistance.

One Creechurch Place London, FireMaster Concertina
One Creechurch Place is a new, modern and efficient office building which sits in the heart of London’s financial district. The top seven floors comprising, of 115,910 square foot have been let to Hyperion who have worked with designers to link all of their floors with a feature spiral staircase.

Coopers Fire installed five FireMaster Concertinas to prevent breaching of the horizontal Fire Separation and to avoid a lobby or doors at the top and or bottom of the staircase.

Coopers Fire FireMaster® Concertina™ Fire Curtains

The Coopers Fire FireMaster® Concertina™ fire curtain is available in bespoke sizes and shapes including circular, U-shaped, L-shaped and trapezoid. The Concertina fire curtain is an ideal solution for stairwells and other applications where an area can benefit from the removal of intrusive columns, corner posts and unsightly ceiling interfaces.

The Coopers Fire FireMaster® Concertina™ fire curtain can give up to 3 hours of fire protection and gives architects, consultants, specifiers, and owner/occupiers a whole new way to approach building design and maximising floor space through open plan environments.
FireMaster® Egress Fire Curtain

FireMaster® Egress is an active fire curtain with an internal egress door. Tested and certified to UL standards only – UL 10B/10C/10D/1784 tested. Has a UL 10D rating for 180 minutes.

Suitable for cross corridor evacuation, compartmentation and lifts and lift lobbies as well as other applications.
Circular FireMaster® Concertina™ installed at Nova, Victoria

FireMaster® Concertina™ Fire curtain installed around feature staircase in the new Nova building in Victoria, London. The circular Concertina fire curtain offers up to 3 hours fire resistance and can be used to allow open plan building designs.

Boundary Protection Fire Curtains for Tall Buildings

Using traditional fire protection equipment to protecting buildings from the spread of fire can be limiting and financially costly. At Coopers, we’ve developed a range of fire barrier curtains that provide architects and engineers with an approved alternative to fire shutters, fire rated glazing and firewalls whilst protecting windows from channelling fire.


Using traditional fire protection equipment to protecting buildings from the spread of fire can be limiting and financially costly. At Coopers, we’ve developed a range of fire barrier curtains that provide architects and engineers with an approved alternative to fire shutters, fire rated glazing and firewalls whilst protecting windows from channelling fire.

Circular FireMaster Concertina Fire Curtains, Blavatnik School of Gov., Oxford, UK

Coopers Fire installed multiple Fire and Smoke curtains in the new Blavatnik School of Government building at the University of Oxford, in Oxford, UK. This state of the art building was completed in December 2015 and offers fantastic facilities for both staff and students. Coopers worked closely with the main contractors, Laing O’Rourke on this project to ensure the design and fire strategy requirements were satisfied. There are 30 SmokeStop smoke curtains installed, multiple FireMaster vertical fire curtains and two FireMaster Concertina, faceted fire curtains installed throughout the building.

FireMaster® Fire Curtains with Smoke Control installed at Forbury Place, Reading, UK
Coopers installed FireMaster® fire curtains over the lift door openings on each of the ground and upper seven floors and two on the basement so a total of forty eight curtains. An important part of the design of the building on the ground and first floor was to subtly integrate the fire curtain headbox and side guides into the lift opening.
Selfridges choose Coopers FireMaster® Concertina™ Fire Curtain Barrier

Selfridges, one of London’s oldest Department Stores was established in 1909 and was the cutting edge model, with its innovative marketing and radical approaches, for modern department stores the world over. Their shopping floors were structured so that goods could be made more accessible to customers and just over a century later Selfridges is still at the cutting edge of creating greater, more open shopping space for its customers.

Selfridges have installed the very latest ‘invisible’ FireMaster® Concertina™ fire curtain barriers from Coopers in their Oxford Street store protecting essential life safety escape routes for their customers and compartmentalising the escalator shafts from potential fires. Thanks to the unique FireMaster® Concertina™ design Selfridges were able to increase and maximise usable retail floor space and optimise the shopping experience as, unlike any other traditional fire shutter or fire curtain barrier, FireMaster® Concertina™ has no columns or corner posts and therefore no side guides as required by traditional products.

The Coopers FireMaster® Concertina™ fire curtain barrier gives 2 hours of protection and gives architects, consultants, specifiers, and owner/occupiers a whole new way to approach building design, maximising floor space and increasing rental income.


Coopers domestic fire curtain barriers provide designers the freedom to create modern open plan living environments without compromising interior design for fire regulation compliance. Developed to work with your home, Coopers fire curtain barriers remain hidden within your ceiling until required.
As every Coopers fire curtain barrier is manufactured by Coopers in the UK and is Independently Third Party Accredited, we are unique in guaranteeing Local Building Control approval.

FireMaster® Concertina installed at Aldgate Tower, London

FireMaster® Concertina installed at Aldgate Tower, London The innovative Concertina fire curtain installed at Aldgate Tower fully encapsulates the staircase from the 11th to the 12th floor in the event of a fire.

The Coopers FireMaster®, closed rectangular Concertina fire curtain is a perfect solution when requiring fire compartmentation around a staircase as it offer a virtual firewall once the curtain has been deployed with more than 2 hours integrity.
Hot Smoke Test demonstrating a Coopers SmokeStop® Smoke Curtain Barrier

A Hot Smoke Test demonstrates how the Coopers Fire SmokeStop smoke curtain barrier provides compartmentation between smoke filled and smoke free areas.

When the SmokeStop™ smoke curtain barrier is deployed, it controls the smoke migration by acting as a barrier and therefore keeps evacuation zones free of smoke, allowing for a safe exit in a real life fire situation.
Coopers Fire are able to offer a huge range of fire and smoke curtain sizes to suit all applications within a building and being able to offer a suitable product to large global brands like Mini Cooper BMW is hugely important. Not only were Coopers able to offer the level of fire protection required, we were also able to develop an innovative non fire protective showroom curtain for the Mini Cooper site.

The day to day occupants of the Mini Cooper and BMW building in Reading not only benefit from a beautiful, open plan and modern work place but are also able to enjoy this space knowing they are safely protected from the spread of fire by Coopers fire curtains.

FireMaster® Vertical Fire Curtains installed at Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City, Doha, Qatar
The new Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City in Qatar is a large health centre built in the centre of Doha. The Medical City was constructed by Hyundai for the Hamad Medical Corporation and has a very high specification with marble walls and beautiful sweeping corridors.
Coopers Fire distributor in Qatar is Chubb Fire and they worked with the consultant KEO to ensure the 42 vertical FireMaster fire curtains installed met the fire regulations.
FireMaster® SuperPlus™ Active Fire Curtain Barrier Assemblies

The FireMaster SuperPlus works in conjunction with a sprinkler system. The positioning, alignment and selection of the correct sprinkler heads is critical with only simple connection to a suitable water supply. Available in unlimited widths up to a drop of 3 meters, the FireMaster SuperPlus is supplied with the Coopers Total Gravity Fail Safe system (TGFS), variable speeds, insulation, side channels, smoke leakage, emergency egress and controlled descent.

With fixing options to suit all types of ceiling configurations, the FireMaster SuperPlus fire curtain can be integrated with both solid and suspended ceilings and will remain hidden within the ceiling until deployed. The FireMaster SuperPlus is a vertical fire curtain barrier compliant to BS EN* and AS* to resist fire for 180 minutes.

FireMaster® Concertina™ Fire Curtain installed at Topman retail store, Oxford, UK

Two-sided open FireMaster® Concertina™ fire curtain installed around escalator on basement floor at new Topshop and Topman retail store in Oxford, UK. This innovative fire curtain by Coopers Fire was designed as a bespoke solution for this project. It provides fire protection for the occupants and building by preventing the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire.

FireMaster® fire curtain installed at Petworth House, Petworth, UK

Petworth House in Petworth, West Sussex, England, is a late 17th-century mansion, set within beautiful 283 hectares of deer park land that was landscaped by ‘Capability’ Brown. The house contains the finest and most prized collection of the National Trust’s artwork by artists such as Turner, Van Dyck, Reynolds and Blake.

Coopers were commissioned to manufacture and install an active fire curtain barrier to replace the existing fire roller shutter that, in the event of fire, would deploy and prevent the spread of fire from the connecting corridor into the chapel viewing gallery, the chapel and the historic showroom. Coopers have experience in working in other historic buildings in particular with English Heritage sites such as Royal households and similar buildings and are therefore sympathetic to the restraints as well as the importance that an old listed building presents.

Coopers FireMaster® NVS™ Horizontal Fire Curtain Barrier

A Horizontal fire curtain barrier is an automatic system that is a fire separating element. It comprises technologically advanced resistant fabric fixed and tensioned between rollers mounted at either end of an opening. The rollers are driven by tubular motors and are enclosed in a steel housing. The leading edge of the curtain fabric has a supporting bar spanning between the side channels that retain the curtain.

The NVS™ Horizontal curtain barrier is activated from the fire detection system and horizontally closes. The curtains remain invisibly retracted until activated by an alarm or detector signal. At this time they close the opening in the floor or ceiling safely where they stop and control the spread of fire.
Domestic Vii®Fire Fire Curtain Barrier from Coopers Fire

At Coopers, we’ve developed a range of fire barrier curtains approved to protect a means of escape. Removing traditional fire protection equipment such as non loadbearing walls and doors to realise modern open plan environments can mean that your building fails to comply with fire regulations.

Whether you’re demolishing an existing non-loadbearing wall and door to create a modern, open plan living space or protecting a means of escape, Coopers high performance Vii®Fire fire curtain barriers will ensure that your building is compliant by reducing radiant heat to create a tenable safe zone in which occupants can pass.

Bespoke Engineered Domestic FireMaster Fire Cutain, Notting Hill, London

FireMaster Angled Fire Curtain installed at fully renovated four floor domestic property by George Clarke Architects in Notting Hill, London. Fire curtain installed on stairs to separate ground floor and first floor to work with Building Control fire protection and height clearance regulations. This innovative angled fire curtain by Coopers Fire was designed as a bespoke engineered solution for this project. It provides fire protection for the occupants and building by preventing the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire.

Fire Curtains: Open or Short Circuit Motor Wiring Operation

Will your Fire Curtain(s) still operate if the motor has been open or short circuited?

Under BS 8524 Part 1 for active fire curtains, this is one test of several that needs to be carried out and passed.

The Coopers Fire FireMaster fire curtain is compliant with BS 8524 Part 1 and will still descend under gravity fail safe, even if the motor cable has been burnt through, severed or damaged by a third party.

Coopers unique controls are designed to deploy the curtain under short or open circuit conditions, therefore comply with BS 8524-1:2013.